Travel Tips for European Vacations

Travel Tips for European Vacations

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Do you have a trip to Europe on your bucket list? This is one of the most popular destinations for large trips that many Americans have on their travel bucket lists. With a little flexibility and a lot of advanced planning, you can certainly take that trip off your bucket list and make it a reality. Follow these recommendations from the travel professionals and travel gurus to start your planning for a trip to Europe off on the right track.

The first step for planning any trip to a foreign country is to check the expiration date on your passport. Many European countries require at least ninety days remaining prior to expiration after the return date on your round trip ticket in order to be allowed entry into that country. Appointments for passport application submission can generally be made at your local post office. Allow at least two months for processing and more leading up to the busy travel seasons. Pay special attention to the documentation requirements for travelers under the age of 18.

Check with your cell phone carrier about data plan options in the countries where you will be travelling. Know that free Wifi is not nearly as prevalent in Europe as it is in the United States. One option is to purchase a SIM card of prepaid data in each country you are visiting. Ensure that your particular cell phone has a removable SIM card.

Order Euros from your local bank branch. Many smaller establishments in Europe only accept cash. While credit cards are well received at larger establishments, smaller restaurants and kiosks often only accept cash. Exchange rates will be much more favorable at your local bank than those offered in train stations and airports. Allow at least two weeks for delivery of foreign currency to your local branch.

Plan to pack light. If you will be visiting several countries, getting in and out of trains, checking in and out of accommodations, the lighter your luggage is, the easier it will be to get around. Check out the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and select from the great variety of basic mix and match casual styles available at Express.

Finally, be flexible on selecting your overseas flight. Often times, cheaper fares can be had when leaving mid-week from smaller airports. Plan to start and finish your tour in one of the major European capitals. Book your train pass based on which countries you will be visiting well in advance. Best of luck in making amazing memories on your trip to Europe that will last a life time.


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