Saving Memories for Generations to Come

Saving Memories for Generations to Come

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Now that we’ve torn off the last page of the calendar for 2017, the gift or purchase of a new calendar will be on the minds of many.  This year, don’t choose just any old calendar, use Shutterfly to make one that has special meaning by using photos from your family’s collection to create something memorable.  They have desk calendars, easel calendars and wall calendars to choose from, among others.  Shop Shutterfly with a Groupon coupon and you can earn a free calendar, and there are codes that will save 30% off a custom calendar you can make with prints from your recent trips abroad.  Capture those beautiful sunsets, gorgeous waterfalls, ski slopes and historic places in a Shutterfly photo album.   There are Groupon codes new customers can use to get 50 free 4×6 prints, one magnet, and free address labels,.  If you are planning a destination ceremony,  you can earn free wedding invitations with purchase.

Last month, the news was dominated by the stories of wild fires raging across parts of California.  Some fires were fueled by negligence, and others started when high winds carried embers off to spark new fires in dry brush.  These fires have had deadly consequences and forced thousands to flee hundreds of thousands of acresin parts of Ojai, San Diego, Los Angeles County, Santa Barbara and Montecito.  It was heartbreaking to watch the faces of those returning to find all their possessions gone.  When asked to evacuate, many said their first thought was to save the family photos.

This shows the importance of having a photograph to recall good times, family members, weddings and births.  Photos have added depth and meaning to our lives in ways too numerous to mention.  And a service like Shutterfly knows too well what having cherished memories mean to people.   Right now, they have a number of ways you can use a Groupon and save money on gifts, home décor, personalized keepsakes and other treasures.

Many people have now created memory books and have them stored in vaults, so they are safe from devastating floods and fires.  Using digital technology, Shutterfly can help you preserve your precious memories, and help you make more.Now, and throughout the year, remember to hold on to those fleeting moments by creating memorial books through Shutterfly.  With a money saving Groupon, it’s easy and economical to do.


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