Check these Quick travel tips for Trevone

Check these Quick travel tips for Trevone

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Trevone is located in Cornwall. It is one of those classic fishing villages, where you can enjoy the weather and have fun by the beach. This lovely village near Padstow is for vacationers, who like the idea of a relaxed holiday. Here are some quick travel tips.

  1. There are two beaches in Trevone. The one known as Rocky Beach among the locales and has a natural swimming pool, which appears during the low tide. The other one has golden sand, but you cannot bring your pets here between Easter Day and the last day of September.
  2. Unlike some of the big beach destinations, there aren’t many hotels here. You can find B&Bs and a few guest houses, but if you are really keen on enjoying the weather, go for a self-catering property. Keep in mind that these properties are expensive and are often booked months in advance.

  1. The people of Trevone are much more relaxed than some of the fishing villages around, so expect to spend a lot of time around the locals. You will love the small village events and music sessions, which are quite frequent in the summers.
  2. There are cliffs the North East of the beach, and you will love the walks here. There is the much-famed Camel Estuary here. If you are scared of heights, be careful of being too close to the edge.
  3. As you would expect in any fishing village, the food here in Trevone is just awesome. The local eateries also serve some of the best Cornish pastries, so take a shot at that. The seafood is more than likeable, and you will enjoy fresh sandwiches and other BBQ items available at selected prices.

Booking your holiday home

First things first, find an online portal that you can rely on. There are a few agents who offer packages for long-term stays, but don’t expect too many services. The cottages often have the best views, but these are self-catering stays, where you will have all the amenities to yourself. If you are traveling in a group, these are just perfect, because you can save a huge amount that you would otherwise spend on your stay in Padstow. The bookings must be done at least a month in advance, especially for the summers, but in some cases, you can expect to get last minute details. You can click here for Trevone information for better choices in accommodation.

Trevone is not meant for adventure-seekers. This is exactly where you sit back and have fun, enjoy the cliffs, beaches and the incredible local food. If you are here for the first time, plan to stay for a week or so, to enjoy time with local people. Cottages can be cheaper beyond the summer season, so for those seeking an offbeat tour of Cornwall can come during the other months. Check online for the best deals, and don’t forget to negotiate to get better discounts and offers. Trevone can be your beach destination for most holidays.


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